A vote to annex the West Hill/Skyway area to the City of Renton was held on November 6, 2012.  Annexation was defeated by more than 680 votes out of almost 6,000 votes cast. 

Renton Proposition 1: West Hill Annexation
(results certified Nov 27, 2012)
No 3,352
Yes 2,662

Below, an extensive list of links and information related to the West Hill/Skyway annexation initiative of 2005-2012 has been collected for your information.  The information is divided into sections indexed by the above menu.

Also, check out the West Hill Annexation Timeline page to see the timeline of events that led to this historic election.

The West Hill Connects Google group is a place to discuss issues related to the West Hill Unincorporated Area in King County, Washington, including annexation issues:

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The West Hill Annexation Google group was a separate place to discuss issues related to annexation between February and December 2009. Visit the archives of this group. It contains some good information not found on this page.

Annexation is not a new issue in these parts. Read this quote from A Tale of Between Two Cities: Skyway History 1870-1983 (pp. 11-12):

Someone came up with the idea that the community would be better off ruling itself rather than have the County Commissioners do the job. A petition was therefore filed in 1946 to incorporate the area as a fifth-class city, with a slate of mayor and councilmen listed. The line was very plainly drawn after some citizens said they "did not like the idea" and subsequently filed for annexation to the City of Seattle. Until the time came for an election to determine which course would be taken, there were a lot of former good neighbors and friends who were no longer on speaking terms. But it was all ironed out in the long run by both sides being defeated, and peace once again settled over the fledgling community.

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